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Frequently asked questions about the mini urn

What is the size of the LittleWood mini urn?

The size is approximately 7 cm wide and 3.5 cm high. We say approximately, because every urn is made by hand and is therefore not dimensionally stable to the millimeter.

What is the content of the mini urn?

At the heart of the mini urn there is a lockable brass cavity with a volume of 6 ml.

How can I be sure I have an original Memories to Keep urn?

The Memories to Keep mini urns are protected by a Registered Trademark. The Littlewood© name and typography are also officially registered. Counterfeiting and plagiarism are prohibited and perpetrators will face criminal prosecution. One security measure of the mini urn is the screw cap on which 'Memories to Keep' is engraved.

Do I have to pay postage?

Postage within the Netherlands is included in the price.
Postage for delivery abroad is 14.95 euros (registered mail).

I work at a funeral company/I am a funeral director and would like to purchase multiple items. Is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. See Reselling. For large orders, consult us by email to info@memoriestokeep.nl.

How do I clean the mini urn?

Just dust it with a soft, dry cloth.

Is the mini urn fragile?

The mini urn is made of strong wood but it is not indestructible. It is also sensitive to heat and sunlight. We recommend you avoid placing it in the sun or above heating or radiators. The urn could dry out and crack.

The mini urn is damaged: is it under warranty?

It is difficult to guarantee a product made of wood. Wood is a natural material which can shrink and expand, or be damaged by damp, bumps or falling. Returning or exchanging the mini urn is not possible, due to matters of hygiene. However, our priority is that you are satisfied and we will gladly join you in searching for a solution. Please get in touch through info@memoriestokeep.nl.

Can I take the ashes of a loved one across national borders?

Each country has its own legislation on this. It may be that you need a declaration of consent from the embassy.

Can I have a mini urn made and choose the types of wood myself?

Yes, that is possible. See other types of wood