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"When I saw the wooden urns, I was immediately convinced. What a nice mini urns. Perfect for us.
After ordering I got the 3 urns quickly sent home in very nice jewel cases. Care and time have also been devoted to this.
The urns I, along with the funeral companion, filled with ashes of my husband.
Now the mini-urns are at home; 1 in the room of our son and the other 2 downstairs, at the photo and the mourning card.
For example, my Children (12 and 10 years old) and I now have a nice mini-urn and for later possibly some ash to process in e.g. an ornament. '

Brenda van den Akker

'I ordered a mini-urn for my mother's birthday. She wanted to keep some ash from her father and her grandson in it. The urns are almost even more beautiful than in the photo. They are supplied in luxury packaging. You can see that the product has been made with a lot of love and that a lot of care has been given to all parts of the product. It is just a wonderful gift and she was very happy with it! "

Maartje Lute

"After the launch of the mini-urn this summer, I thought it looked nice. Also holding the mini-urn and the warmth that the wood takes on from your dogs felt good. It would suit me very well to store small items from a loved one.
I could not have foreseen that I would soon place an order, because one of my dogs died at the end of July. There may be a little bit of ash and a tuft of hair in the mini urn and together with his photo it is a nice memory.
The delivery was very smooth, within a few days after the order was delivered in the mini-urn. A lot of attention and love has been paid to making and sending the mini-urn. '

Hilda van Berkum

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